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 Blue Sea Slug, Glaucus atlanticus, through the looking glass

Mother Nature

Feathery Romance



Iridescent Turquoise eye ringed Anhinga are looking better than ever,

Displaying its mane and piano key feathers,

The Male sores and plunges great heights trying to be pretentious,

He continues with flashing wing waving trying to catch her attention,

She pretends to look on without interest,

Only to finally succumb to his conquest,

She needs proof that he is ready to mate for eternity,

A perfect twig symbolizing devotion, loyalty and longevity,

Acceptance through something so simple is perfection,

Laying the foundation of love to nurture future generations,

Incubation to regurgitation they discover perseverance and hardship,

The day comes for the young to fledge and continue living without headship,

The pair suddenly finds itself flying separate ways,

Only to come back next year and reenact the same play,

Can something so complex be found in nature?

Or is it hard to think about when in our human world love is denatured?




The Girl with the Hidden Smile

 Diving into the blue mist,

I came across something new and unique,

Hidden within a timid feature,

Pearls as white as can be,

There was more to this gift from the sea,

A true treasure from the blue universe,

It was the sound of her heartstrings that brought me closer and closer,

Can it be possible that I was getting richer with every stroke of my fin?

With a cautious mood I reached, panicked and grasped,

In my hands was something utterly beautiful that human strive to find,

Once if at all in their life,

What would this instant loot bring to me somebody so young and naive?

Would I cherish its value and hold it close for the rest of my life?

Or would I do what many souls have done before me,

And squander this shining example of life and beauty?

~ Ramshark

To You


To the most beautiful girl in the universe,

Let me take you to another world,

A place far from today and yesterday,

And closer to the future and the unknown,

To witness all the wonderful moments it bestows,

For you and I both,

Hold on close,

Because we are traveling fast and high,

Just in case you might be afraid of heights,

In outer space,

Do not worry you will be safe in my arms,

We are going to a world where the earth beats and trees fly,

And I would love to be the sea to see you smile back at me,

Ill take you to where the sun meets the ocean,

To witness you in all its glory,

You and I for the moment forever,

In solidarity.

If I had one hour
could I spend it with you and all your glory
this is the way I want to end my story

Trust no Bitch EVER

It’s worth it.

Maybe she feels her life just isn’t worth living anymore. Her whole appearance, attitude and posture suggest she has no goal, nothing to live for. Her eyes are full of emptiness. Please give life and Emma another shot, Your Brother

Is it gone?

Where has happiness gone?

Ill tell you a story of its beginning

Since I have yet to see its end,

It was gone that day in the car

Upon receiving the dreaded news

We were all worried

As the others checked the house

Since they couldn’t check their emotions

I was there with gilded strength

But I was broken to the core

These cracks barley visible

Amounted to so much more

Then I saw your face hopeless

Never had I seen anybody so sadden and lifeless

What hurts the most that is was my own skin and bones

My sister for 20 years

Where has she gone?

Ill tell you the story of its beginning

Since I have yet to see its end

Born a writer smart studious and introverted girl

Blossom into a dancer leader social go-getter

Then Just rotten

Rotten to the very core

Reluctant to sense happiness and love

Cryin by herself

Blaming her problems on an innocent fight less wonder

Blinded to her future

Since according to her is gone

Impervious to the truth

That this moment was not for you,

We can love you dear sis

But you’re not capable of it

Cuz you carry the burden of your own cross

And your soul is not helping you

It’s gone until you remember to find it

So where has happiness and my sis gone?

To its burial

And that is what saddens me the most